Don’t just listen to the sounds,


and REALLY hear what’s playing!



The audio exploration and educational app that allows you to focus on as much or as little audio as you wish, increasing engagement and understanding of each part of a group.

Among many valuable uses for your app, enabling ensemble members to hear and assess their own performances on an individual basis is a major benefit for both amateur and professional singers and musicians.

Gerald Neufeld, Don Wright Faculty of Music

Toccatina has been created by a multi-disciplinary team bridging music education, music production and computer science. It aims to engage and advance like never before, learn more.

How Does It work?

Swipe Side-to-Side… Tap…
Pinch to Zoom-in-and-Out…

Toccatina uses common iPad gestures to navigate and zoom-in to isolate specific audio channels.

Zoom-in and listen closely to up to 80 isolated audio channels!

Meet ‘TINA’

Easily create your own Toccatina Output Channel (.toc) files to use in the Toccatina app player!

To learn more about the easy-to-use ‘TINA’ desktop authoring software, click here.

Explore multi-channel high-definition videos of recorded musical performances in a new and unique way.

As you explore the videos, the volume of each audio channel is dynamically mixed based on the point of focus in the video stream. The audio adapts to the visual focus, bringing to prominence channels whose sources are on screen or nearly on screen, while downplaying channels whose sources are far from the current focus of attention.

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